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Getting Started

To set-up a user account with the Student Injury Reporting Database, or if you need to update your account, please send an email to StudentInjury@utah.gov or call (385) 267-6528.

A “Help” icon on the home page will take the users to a quick guide to answer any questions and guide you through the set-up process. 

A student injury report does not need to be completed all at one time. An incomplete report can be saved and submitted later. Incomplete reports will show up on the right side of the screen where you can return to add additional information at any time until it is ready to be submitted. Your school district’s Risk Management Office can view the incomplete reports as well as the submitted ones, but will not have the ability to change the information in them.

What is a reportable injury?

A reportable school injury is defined as one that causes the student to miss ½ day or more of school, or is serious enough to require treatment by a health care professional (i.e. school nurse, MD, EMT, etc.). This includes injuries that happen while going to or from school, during all school-related activities and anywhere on school property during normal school hours.

Why report student injuries?

The Student Injury Reporting System (SIRS) helps to identify where, when, how and why students get hurt at school. By using this information, education officials can pinpoint risk factors at individual schools and develop safety guidelines and prevention programs which can minimize the physical and financial impact of injury on the individual, family, school, and community.

District Administrators

Administrators in the Office of Risk Management or the Superintendent’s Office for each of the school districts can also obtain access to view all the student injury reports in their respective school districts. If you are the Risk Manager or Superintendent please check your email for your registration instructions. If you have not received an email please go to the “Contact Us” tab to find a phone number or email to request your district access.

District administrators will not have the ability to view student injury reports from other school districts and will not have the ability to edit or change injury reports.

Contact Us

  • Address:

    Utah Department of Health
    Violence and Injury Prevention — Student Injury
    PO Box 142106
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2106

  • Phone:

    (385) 267-6528

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If you experience any problems while completing or submitting an injury report, we want to hear about them. Please send us an email at StudentInjury@utah.gov or call (385) 267-6528.